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With so much economic uncertainty it can be hard to know where to start. Watch our free webinar to learn how psychology can help you make a plan and stick to it, as well as how to make better decisions to improve your financial well-being. SOME OF THE TOPICS COVERED: Avoid emotion-based financial decisions. Change your money habits.

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Workshops, Events and Seminars

(5 days ago) WebWorkshops, Events & Seminars. A schedule of upcoming in-person and online events is available online. Your source for interactive workshops, online learning, in-person …

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MindEdge Course Catalog

(7 days ago) WebMindEdge Course Catalog is an online learning resource for learning institutions and professionals, offering fully online certificate programs, certification exam prep courses, …

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AARP Driver Safety: Online and Classroom Courses

(Just Now) WebWhen you take the AARP Smart Driver course, you could be eligible for a multi-year discount on your auto insurance.*. Plus safer driving can save you more than just money. …

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Learn With AARP Skills Builder for Work

(1 days ago) WebAARP Skills Builder for Work SM. The AARP Skills Builder for Work helps you gain in-demand skills that could give you an edge in today’s competitive job market. Choose a FREE course to get started and get special …

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Drive Safe and Save with AARP Smart Driver Course

(Just Now) WebOnline and Classroom Courses. The course can be taken online or in a classroom. The AARP Smart Driver™ course will help you refresh your driving skills, and may even help …

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Senior Planet and AARP Offer Free Online App Classes

(5 days ago) WebA Massachusetts Institute of Technology study, published in 2014, that looked at 6.9 million video-watching sessions contained in college-level free or low-cost massive …

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Online Courses Helping Older Workers Develop Skills

(3 days ago) WebTry AARP Skills Builder for Work. Among the most popular subjects older adults studied on these online learning platforms were: License or certification continuing …

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Free Online Classes

(4 days ago) WebThe E-Learning Curve. After discovering MIT's free online courses, Stan Peirce soon became a student again. His first stop: linear algebra, as taught by Gilbert …

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States Offer Free or Low-Cost Classes for Older Adults

(5 days ago) WebThe University of the District of Columbia's Institute of Gerontology waives tuition and fees for courses at both UDC's Community College and Van Ness Campus …

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Further Your Knowledge with Free Online Courses

(7 days ago) WebThese free and relatively low-cost e-learning classes offer education on an expansive array of subjects. There are close to 12,000 MOOCs on topics ranging from …

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Refresh Your Driving Skills With A Driver Safety Course

(3 days ago) WebAARP Smart Driver™ Online Course. Refresh your driving skills and you could save.

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E-Learning Courses Great for Post-50 Education

(2 days ago) WebCourses can be purchased as online modules or on DVDs or CDs. Prices generally range from $15 to $230. There's also a subscription plan called the Great …

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AARP Virtual Community Center

(8 days ago) WebThe Healing Art of Qigong. This gentle form of exercise involves slow, rhythmic movements and can help boost your immune system and overall well-being. …

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AARP Joins With Nonprofit to Teach Tech to Older Adults

(5 days ago) WebFebruary 08, 2021. A nonprofit organization that specializes in teaching technology skills to older adults is uniting with AARP to offer its courses to even more …

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Smart DriverTEK™

(3 days ago) WebGet Smart About New Vehicle Technology. A schedule of upcoming workshops is available online. Join our 90-minute workshop to learn all about the latest high-tech safety features …

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Find an Event or Workshop in Your Community

(1 days ago) WebCaregiving Workshops Join us for this lightly facilitated conversation about family caregiving. Discover five key steps to aid you in your caregiving journey, connect and …

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Re: AARP driver safety course

(6 days ago) WebAgree with you. Worst course I ever took; not worth the money. And then on final, after all that dead space and repetition, they ask questions they either never …

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Code Your Way to Career Growth

(4 days ago) WebCoding skills are in demand: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15 percent increase in the number of web developer jobs available between 2016 and 2026. …

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